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EM-O Compact Mist Collector

Flexible. Powerful. Introducing the EM-O Compact, the best combined coolant/oil collector of its class.

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Camfil Air Pollution Control New Gold Series 2018


The better we understand the air we breathe the easier our filter choice becomes. Watch this video to see why you should choose ePM1 filtration
Oil mist collection is really hard to do efficiently, but doing so is an important step in protecting workers and the environment from the hazards of oil mist and fumes that come from machining. The Handte Oil Expert from Camfil APC is designed and built from the ground up to collect oil mist and fumes at a high efficiency using a low maintenance, low running cost, leak-proof, and modular progressive filtration design suitable for 24/7 three-shift operation. To learn more about oil mist collection and the Handte Oil Expert, watch the video above and visit . _____ How It Works _____ The Handte Oil Expert is extremely efficient at separating ultra-fine oil mist and fumes, thanks to its high efficiency CoaPack filters and progressive filtration design. Once the oil mist containing air has passed through the three-stage filtration process and out of the HEPA filter, 99.97% of oil mist has been removed and the air is completely safe to breathe. The modular design of the Handte Oil expert means a solution can be customized for your needs, and as your needs grow, it is much easier to expand your oil mist collection capacity. The Handte Oil Expert’s leak proof guarantee means that not only are workers protected from oil mist and fumes, but contact and workplace safety hazards that result from oil leaking into the workplace. Maintenance, including routine maintenance, is very rare with the Handte Oil Expert. When it’s time for filter changes, the Handte Oil Expert’s tool free-design, including quick acting clamps and filter cartridges, keeps the process much easier and cleaner while limiting exposure to the soiled filter materials. _____ Who is the Handte Oil Expert for? _____ The Handte Oil Expert is a perfect solution for any application that uses oil based cooling lubricants like turning, drilling, milling, drawing, grinding, pressing, and more. This includes traditional applications as well as Minimum Quality Lubricant (MQL) machining. _____ Want to learn more? _____ To learn more about the Handte Oil Expert and how it helps keep the air safe for people and the environment, visit: To request our free white paper, “The Importance of Proper Mist Collection for Worker Health and Safety”, visit:
Poor air Quality can affect your health and productivity at work. Find out how Camfil Air Purifiers can solve this.
The CamCleaner Horizontal from Camfil is the premium solution to keep your facility free of excess particles and molecular pollutants/gasses using the principles of unducted air cleaner technology and Camfil's industry leading air filter solutions.
Camfil Air Cleaners are used in warehouses to protect your people, products and processes. Watch this video to show how Camfil Air Cleaners are used to improve operations

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